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Welcome to TLM Educational Services, a leader in trauma-informed, anti-bias education. We offer a range of services, including professional development, consulting, and curriculum design, to help schools and educators create learning environments that are both safe and inclusive. Our team of experts is dedicated to promoting culturally responsive education, trauma-informed practices, and anti-bias curriculum that can help students of all backgrounds succeed. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you create a better learning environment for your students.

About Us


Trauma Informed Series 

The conversations around implementing Trauma Informed Care and best practices in educational settings are one that is long overdue. Let's discuss, break down, and reflect on how Adverse Childhood and Community Experiences impact us as educators as well as the children and families we serve.

Anti-Bias & Equity

Equity in our educational system is key in creating spaces for children where they feel seen, safe and soothed. In order to create these spaces we need to have open dialogue about best practices in the current climate of education for how to do so.

Self Care & Advocacy

Advocating for the mental and emotional needs of educators is just as important as advocating for the needs of your classroom. In order to do either we must start with Identifying our stressors, traumas, and triggers so that we can be positive, healthy secure attachments for children.

Inclusion & Diversity

Inclusion is imperative when we are seeking to create diverse spaces and provide opportunities of learning that give children positive connections of representation in the spaces they occupy.

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