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Trauma Informed Trainings

Trauma Informed Teaching, Parenting & Caregiving

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Training I Adverse Childhood Experiences and Toxic Stress in Young Children | HSN | 4.0 hrs Course Code: TI801 Description: An introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences and Toxic Stress in Young Children. We will define and discuss how ACEs and Toxic Stress affect the social emotional development of infants children and families in the communities we serve. Training II Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences | FCS | 4.0 hrs Course Code: TI802 Description: We will summarize Adverse Childhood Experiences and discuss ways as educators, parents, providers and community members how to prevent ACES among infants and children. We will search ways to be secure positive attachments for children and families currently dealing with ACEs inside and outside the home. Training III Hope, Healing & Resiliency | UGB | 4.0 hrs Course Code: TI803 Description: In this course participants will explore paths of hope and healing to create avenues of resilience for children and families . We will discuss the power of secure attachment theory as it relates to building resiliency in young children.

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